Recent Retro Game Pickups

Why I'm Doing This:

Growing up in the 1990s we were exposed to a constantly evolving landscape of technology. From computers to cell phones to the internet we were able to truly experience a revolution that would forever change how we entertain ourselves and communicate with one another. One of the biggest movements in technology was video games.

As a child I wasn't very outgoing and my parents worked quite a bit, so video games often allowed me to pass time and kept me entertained while teaching me about puzzle/problem solving. They were a great escape from reality and served as a bonding point for my friends and me. Unfortunately we didn't have much money growing up, so my ability to buy games was limited, as was renting them. In order to play games I had to rent them from the grocery store or borrow them from friends. Suffice it to say that I longed for the day where I could afford to buy whatever I wanted. That day is today.

Thanks to the advent of online auction/merchant websites such as eBay and Craigslist I have been able to buy up quite a few games that I wanted as a child but could never afford. With so many options being available for so little money I find myself overwhelmed with the possibilities. Since starting at the end of last year I have collected over 300 games, with a goal of 1,000 by the end of 2013. Hopefully the rest of this rudimentary website will show you what I am working with. Enjoy!

Online Places I Frequent for my Hobby:

Blogs and Communities:

Some of my favorite sites, including my own!

Buying this Stuff:

Take care and buy when you feel comfortable doing so

  • eBay - The holy grail for finding stuff cheap and having it come right to your door
  • Austin Craigslist - I don't have much luck on here, but it never hurts
  • Houston Craigslist - I check this out when I'm visiting my sister

YouTube Channels:

Please use discretion when viewing these channels

  • Classic Game Room - Both funny and professional. Very Thorough.
  • Gamester81 - How he can afford so much stuff I'll never know, but his channel is great
  • AVGN - The one and only. Be warned, language can be very explicit.